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Machdar Motorsports i1 Supercar Series show or no show


Machdar Motorsports i1 Supercar Series show or no show is the question now because they’ve certainly dropped off the radar, and many would have forgotten the big development of last year already.

i1_Supercar_SeriesMachdar Motorsports last year postponed their first motorsports league. To be held in 2013 with a race scheduled at the Buddh International Circuit in Noida, the rescheduling of dates had been attributed to a number of factors which made it necessary for this last minute postponement. Elections in Uttar Pradesh followed by unavailability of race track besides free dates of some of the key drivers had all contributed in the i1 Super Series events being rescheduled.

More time was also necessary in educating racing fans and building up of city level support before the series commenced in the country was also thought to be important. It was a difficult decision to make specially considering the eagerness with which fans and participants were looking forward to the event in Machdar Motorsports i1 Supercar Series commenced.

India looked forward to the i1 Supercar Series as an opportunity to gain momentum in the motor sports industry. Machdar Motorsports needs to be well versed with the global motorsports scene and keen on bringing in the finest talent from across the globe into the Indian Motor Sports Industry. However, despite the year long delay and more, there seems to be no update on that front. No racing dates for the year have been announced, and certainly one hasn’t seen any promotional events to educate viewers. The only promo activities related to new racing¬†activity¬†in India pertains to Toyota Etios Motor Racing.

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