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Mahindra Reva and Nissan open for collaboration to promote EV base?

Mahindra Reva and Nissan open for collaboration to promote EV base

India is yet to create an era for electric vehicles, and if the government won’t take initiative, we expect major automotive players to join hands and do so. Nissan and Mahindra Reva are known for their ambitious efforts to compete in electric vehicle market. As per a new report, these two companies could collaborate for setting up electric vehicle network in India.

Mahindra Reva and Nissan open for collaboration to promote EV baseNissan and Mahindra Reva are currently competing in Bhutan with their electric vehicles on retail. Mahindra Reva e20 and Nissan Leaf are the two famed EVs that are on sale there, with only the former available to us in India. Nissan is already in association with other fellow Japanese auto manufacturers like Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Mahindra Reva on the other hand has single-handedly developed their EV technology and hasn’t complained either.

All being said, it is highly challenging for Mahindra Reva to sell their e20 and Nissan to bring its Leaf to India, and without the aide of Indian government, it is inexpedient to set up a charging station network single-handedly. Reportedly, Mahindra Reva and Nissan are open to the idea of forming an alliance to establish effective EV charging network in India.

Speaking to Autocar Pro, Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice-President responsible for Zero Emission Vehicle Planning & Strategy, Andy Palmer said that the Japanese car maker is open for a collaboration, especially where setting-up a electric vehicle charging network is involved. On the other hand, Mahindra’s Executive Director, Dr Pawan Goenka also gave a positive response and said that they were open to forming a collaboration.

With two such key players in the industry joining hands, all it takes is unwavering hand from the government and a few local collaborators to take care of investment and infrastructure, to create an effectual EV substructure in India.

Source Autocar Professional


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