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Mercedes Benz India, Audi India reveal post GST price list of entire line-up

Thanks to the introduction of GST, prices of luxury cars have gone down. Here is the full price list of Mercedes Benz India cars.


Under GST, which into effect from 1st July 2017, all luxury vehicles on sale in the country would attract a 28% GST along with maximum cess of 15% – which means that the effective tax on luxury cars will stand at 43% as against 55% being charged under the previous tax regime.

Below is the updated price list of all cars on offer from Mercedes Benz India as well as Audi India.

Mercedes Benz India Price List

Car NamePrice INR (Ex-Sh)
A 180 Sport27,45,000
A 200d Sport28,45,200
B 180 Sport29,45,000
B 200d Sport30,45,200
CLA 200 Sport33,38,044
CLA200d Style30,64,729
CLA 200d Sport34,33,986
GLA 200 Sport32,20,000
GLA 200d Style30,65,000
GLA 200d Sport33,85,000
GLA 220 d 4 matic Sport36,75,000
C 200 Avantgarde 40,52,389
C 220d Style38,55,235
C 220d Avantgarde 41,48,515
C 250d Avantgarde44,83,635
E 200 LWB54,56,264
E 220 d LWB55,52,390
E350 d LWB67,49,532
GLE 250 d61,89,691
GLE 350 d71,73,245
GLE 40072,06,208
GLS 350 d79,85,911
GLS 40079,85,911
GLC 300 sport50,37,079
GLC 220 d Style46,49,222
GLC 220 d Sport49,98,329
S 350d Connoisseur’s Edition1,17,20,272
S 400 L Connoisseur’s Edition1,28,06,761
Mercedes-Maybach S5001,79,90,131
E 400 'Edition E' Cabriolet77,11,338
C63 S AMG1,34,09,273
GLE 43 4MATIC AMG Coupe91,87,139
AMG SLC 4379,42,091
G 63 AMG MY 172,08,54,296
AMG GTS2,08,54,295
S500 Cabriolet2,08,00,331
Mercedes-Maybach S6002,53,78,886
CLA 45 4 Matic Mercedes- AMG72,65,701
GLA 45 4 MATIC Mercedes-AMG 75,21,939
Mercedes-Benz C 300 Cabriolet60,87,837
AMG C 4375,09,350
C 300 Cabriolet60,87,837
Mercedes-AMG GLS 631,60,59,000

Audi India post GST Price list

VariantPrice INR (Ex-Sh)
Audi A3 35 TDI Premium Plus31,85,000
Audi A3 35 TDI Technology35,29,000
Audi A3 35 TFSI Premium Plus30,77,000
Audi A3 35 TFSI Technology34,54,000
Audi A3 35 TFSI Cabriolet Technology48,52,000
Audi A4 35 TDI Premium Plus39,61,000
Audi A4 35 TDI Technology42,66,000
Audi A4 35 TFSI Premium Plus38,40,000
Audi A4 35 TFSI Technology41,52,000
Audi A6 35 TDI Matrix51,93,000
Audi A6 35 TFSI Matrix52,91,000
Audi A8L 50 TDI quattro Premium1,14,22,750
Audi A8L 50 TDI quattro Premium Plus (with PE2)1,19,68,750
Audi A8L 60 TDI quattro Premium Plus (with PE2)1,38,98,750
Audi A8L 50 TFSI quattro1,44,89,750
Audi A8 L W121,97,05,750
Audi Q3 30 TDI Premium AT FWD33,72,000
Audi Q3 30 TFSI Premium AT FWD32,48,000
Audi Q3 35 TDI quattro Premium Plus36,67,000
Audi Q3 35 TDI quattro Technology40,60,750
Audi Q7 45 TDI quattro Premium Plus70,12,000
Audi Q7 45 TDI quattro Technology77,84,000
Audi TT 40 TFSI quattro63,12,000
Audi S565,24,750
Audi RS 6 4.0 TFSI quattro1,40,90,000
Audi RS 7 4.0 TFSI quattro1,46,17,000
Audi RS 7 4.0 TFSI quattro Performance1,58,96,000
Audi R8 V10 Plus2,53,70,000