Mercedes Benz Furniture collection to get underway in Milan this month (Photos)

An exhibition that is sure to see favor with automobile enthusiasts is what Mercedes Benz is planning. To bring some styling from the automobile range into household furniture is what Mercedes Benz is arranging with their first ever Furniture Collection that will be held at Salome Internazionale del Mobile, Milan from April 17th to 22nd, 2012.

The exhibition was put together with Formitalia Luxury Group, Italy’s leading designers of luxury furniture and will be marketed by Mercedes Benz Style label.  Both these companies one into furniture designing and the other into designing of world famous automobiles will surely collaborate to bring out some masterpieces which showcase both style and luxury.

The objects de art will comprise of sofa set, dining table with chairs, a chaise de longue, bed and a chest of drawers not to mention a wall unit for a complete home theater system. The exhibition will be followed by these pieces of furniture being offered at select stores across the world from October 2012. Though coming from two renowned companies one should keep an eye out for the price tag.

Press Release

Mercedes-Benz cooperates with Formitalia Luxury Group: Mercedes-Benz Style presents its first furniture collection in Milan

World premiere at the Milan Furniture Fair, 17 – 22 April 2012

Initial pieces from the Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection: one sofa, chaise longue, sideboard, dining room table with chairs, shelf unit with integrated home theatre system, bed and chest of drawers

Progressive design with an unmistakable automotive identity

Milan/Stuttgart – A dynamic design idiom expressing incredible ease and perfectly crafted luxury materials – Mercedes-Benz now bring their unmistakable styling and high standard of quality to the living room. In collaboration with the Formitalia Luxury Group, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of designer furniture, Mercedes-Benz has created a furniture collection under the Mercedes-Benz Style label. The collection will be presented at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”, 17 – 22 April 2012 in Milan.

“Formitalia and Mercedes-Benz stand for top quality and exquisite workmanship which embodies luxury and passion. We are therefore extremely pleased to create the first Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection together with Formitalia”, says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz. “The various pieces of furniture reflect the progressive, dynamic design idiom of our current show cars and concept vehicles, offering an exclusive, emotional experience outside our vehicles as well”. The interplay between dynamic proportions, naturally stretched forms and curved lines conveys an extraordinary harmony and modern ease. The furniture gives the impression of floating in space.

The furniture collection, which was developed in collaboration with designers from Formitalia, comprises one sofa, a chaise longue, a dining room table, various chairs, a sideboard, a shelf unit with integrated home theatre system, a chest of drawers and a bed. All the pieces are produced by Formitalia and will be sold worldwide via exclusive furniture stores, showrooms and interior design stores from October 2012. “We very much admire the superb design skills and high-quality materials of Mercedes-Benz and are delighted to be able to bring the typical Mercedes elegance and sense of well-being into the home”, says Gianni Simone Overi, CEO of the Formitalia Luxury Group.

Progressive design with an unmistakable automotive identity

Each piece of seating furniture offers a dynamic yet timelessly elegant design with outstanding comfort. The wooden backrest shells are inspired by the innovative design idiom of the seat shells in the current research vehicles. The padding upholstered in leather or fabric and a distinctively styled aluminium frame provide a visually appealing contrast. The styling is further accentuated by an optional fabric cover featuring a natural pattern.

Precisely curved lines also generate emotional tension. As in the F 125, they delineate individual surface areas, visually subdividing the piece. The visual dynamic of the seating furniture is carried over in the design of the dining room table and sideboard. From the table’s central aluminium beam, four legs extend like elegantly sculptured spokes. The table top is made of grey-shaded clear glass. The sideboard has a glass door with a surrounding bevel reminiscent of the air intake on a sports car. Thus the automotive identity of the styling is visible and emotionally present throughout the entire furniture collection. The collection bears a subtle Mercedes-Benz Style logo.

The furniture will be unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair from 17 to 22 April 2012, in the showrooms of the Mercedes-Benz Center Milano, Via G. Daimler 1 at the corner of Via Gallarate 450, Milan.

About Mercedes-Benz Style

Like Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Style stands for technology and engineering-driven innovations. Mercedes-Benz Style communicates innovation through well-considered intelligent design and styling. This is clearly evident in the purposeful, distinctive use of innovative materials, colour values, shapes and the use of light.

In addition to classic car styling, the designers at Mercedes-Benz have been developing designs for other products in co-operation with select partners since 2010. In 2011, the first product to be launched was the EC145 Mercedes-

Benz Style helicopter from Eurocopter, which has already been delivered to the first customers. The Mercedes designers styled the interior of the luxury helicopter for business and private travel. The Mercedes-Benz Style label includes products ranging from the transport industry and furniture and lifestyle products to industrial design.