Highest ever sales for Mercedes-Benz India in 2014

Mercedes-Benz was able to report double digit growth here in 2013 too. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India says the new sales high is a strong reaffirmation of continued preference of customers for the Three Pointed Star. Through 2014, the luxury auto manufacturer brought excellence to customers who in turn contributed in affirming sustainable and profitable growth. We are satisfied that

Mercedes Benz India GLA
Mercedes-Benz reports best year ever in India: 10,201 units’ sold in the ‘Year of Excellence’ to clock 13% growth

2014 is the 2nd consecutive successful year, a feat achieved amidst increasingly challenging market conditions. Demand growth last year, led to long waitlist of some key product lines thereby also limiting total sales numbers. As laid out, 10 new launches were supported through 14 new outlets. the year has helped Mercedes-Benz lay a foundation of long-term sustained profitable growth for the Three Pointed Star in India.

While non availability of sedans, and limited number offerings for AMG vehicles and imports may have impeded sales to an extent, SUV’s and small cars contributed positively to sales. During the year, Mercedes also celebrated the roll-out its 50,000th car manufactured in India.