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Will Bugatti Veyron successor with 1500 PS do 460 kmph?

Bugatti Veyron successor

New Bugatti Veyron will be unveiled most likely in Q1 2016 and launch in 2017. Veyron successor is now in initial stages of development. It will house a comprehensively upgraded version of 8.0 litre W16 turbocharged engine seen in outgoing model.

Bugatti Veyron successorAn electric motor will join forces with uprated engine in new Bugatti Veyron to unleash net power output of around 1,500 PS (1,103 kW or 1479 bhp), as revealed by Bugatti officials via Autocar UK. A 7 speed automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) will spread power to all four wheels via axles and a multi clutch four wheel drive system.

Renovated W16 engine on new Veyron will receive a direct injection system in place of current Veyron’s multipoint fuel injection arrangement. In conjunction with other enhancements, resultant engine will comply with Euro 6 emission standards. Better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emission will also be achieved, largely with contribution of disc shaped electric motor stationed within gearbox assembly. Electric motor will be powered by Lithium-Ion battery. Peak torque of new Bugatti Veyron would be restricted at 1,490 Nm (1,100 lb-ft) to ensure reliability of gearbox.

Same officials have also mentioned that Veyron replacement will be built to carry-on same strengths of outgoing model, to be fastest by top speed of any series-production road car and to be drivable for everyday use. It is also uncovered that preliminary test mules are out there for early stage testing.

Thus far, Bugatti has produced five developmental prototypes with different powertrain combinations, as disclosed by a company insider to Autocar UK. They are based on existing model, equipping various tech concepts considered for upcoming Veyron.

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Bugatti Veyron SS zips at 396.5 kmph on public road (Video)Via – Autocar UK


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