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Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton visit Mercedes Sindelfingen factory between German and British Grand Prix

Even though Mark Webber of Red Bull was closing in fast, Rosberg managed to emerge victorious in his second race of the year and third in his career by a slim margin of 0.7 seconds. Lewis Hamilton had to let go of his position following rear tyre explosion but despite this set back managed to recover enough to finish in P4.

Joining Rosberg on podium were Red Bull’s Mark Webber in P2 position and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in P3 position. Webber has also announced his retirement from F1 after the 2013 season though he is expected to join Porsche for FIA World Endurance Championships. Rosberg was pulled up for failing to slow for yellow flags during the race but was allowed to keep his British GP victory with a mild reprimand by the stewards.

The Silver Arrow drivers alongside Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Toto Wolffvisited the Sindelfingen plant at Stuttgart today and engaged in a friendly Q&A session.The drivers demonstrated their own mechanical skills in fitting wheels onto a Mercedes-Benz S Class. While at the plant Nico and Lewis presented two Mercedes-Benz customers in Sindelfingen their car keys.

“Working on the assembly line and fitting the wheels onto a new S-Class was a new experience for me,” said Hamilton. “All the same, I’m relieved to have the guys change my tyres on a race weekend; they’re much faster at it!”

“I’m very interested in technology,” said Rosberg, “so for me it’s great that I get all these opportunities with Mercedes-Benz to take a look behind the scenes at their ultra-modern production facilities. I always learn a lot on every factory visit. Today, I’ve helped fit the wheels onto an S-Class at Sindelfingen, but recently I’ve also helped to assemble a 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine at Mercedes AMG in Affalterbach and a Formula 1 engine at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth. If I carry on like this, I may eventually find that I’ve built a whole car…”

“The surprise was written all over his face as I handed him the key to his new Mercedes-Benz E-Class,” said Rosberg. Hamilton also drew a huge smile from the second customer when he presented the keys of a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: “It is always a pleasure to meet customers and colleagues at the Mercedes-Benz works. We do our very best for them on a race weekend in the hope of being successful and making them proud of the Silver Arrows team.”

“I have spoken to various Formula 1 fans today amongst the dedicated team here who work with great precision, apply inventive engineering and invest great passion in the development and construction of the latest Mercedes-Benz premium-class models,” said Toto Wolff. “I have immense respect for the fantastic work they do. A Mercedes-Benz made in Sindelfingen is a car that manages to combine the attributes of quality and comfort, of safety and elegance. As is the case in Formula 1, the focus here is on the right blend of perfectionism, responsibility and passion for one’s work, consistent with the philosophy of Gottlieb Daimler: The best or nothing.”


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