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Nissan car production to reach record levels in Europe

nissan qashqai wallpaper
The new Nissan Qashqai is one of the many cars which are being considered for launch in Kenya.

Japanese automakers, Nissan Motors are forging ahead with a host of new launches and increased industrial investment in Europe. Company plant in UK is preparing to work round the clock while company plants in Spain and Russia gear up for production of new models.

nissan qashqai wallpaperNissan Motors plans 14 new model launches and investment to the tune of over €2 billion (Rs 17,000 crores). The company saw a total of 675,0777 vehicles built in Europe during the past year. Nissan now expects to up this figure in 2014 as the company inches towards its goal of being the No.1 Asian brand in Europe as more Nissan models are being designed and manufactured in Europe than ever before.

These designs and manufacture of Nissan models are being backed by inputs from Nissan Technical Centre Europe and Nissan Design Europe, promising more innovative products going on to be class leaders in their segments where technology and demand is concerned.

Nissan head count of employees in Europe which includes those employed in various operations and their dealers in the region total over 50,000. Production has commenced at the company plant in Avila, Spain from where the new NT500 light truck is being produced while a new C segment hatchback along with the new e-NV200 will enter production at Barcelona plant. A new One Ton pick-up is also soon to enter production in Barcelona while Russia gears up for launch of the Datsun brand.

nissan qashqai tracking shotsIn October, Nissan will enter the commercial zero emission vehicle market with the new e-NV200 which goes on sale in Japan. The electric vehicle was launched at the Nissan headquarters in Yokohama earlier this month and was noted for its various technologies borrowed from the LEAF.

These new launches and investments, coupled with rise in demand for Nissan cars, will propel Nissan into manufacturing their highest number of cars ever in Europe for the calendar year.


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