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Nissan GT-R proves its worth at Arctic Circle


Extreme weather conditions and being covered with a thick layer of snow proved to be no deterrent to Nissan GT-R as it was put to test near the Arctic Circle. A video was released courtesy of Team Ice Racers from Sweden just to showcase power and performance of the GT-R which started despite being subjected to extremely low temperatures, a condition where most other vehicles would find difficulty in revving up.

The video shows GT-R starting without a hitch even though surrounding area is covered in waist deep snow which proved that the car can be relied on to function in such sub zero weather conditions. The video shows GT-R in an area 100 kms south of the Arctic Circle where it uses its all wheel drive system to push its way out of the snow with the least amount of effort on the part of the driver while absolutely no wheel spin is observed.

Nissan GT-R has a technologically advanced all wheel drive system and super car levels of performance which is what is depicted in this video.

Nissan GT-R covered in ice


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