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Ola customer shocked to see INR 9.15 lakh bill for 450 km journey

ola cab 9 lakh bill

Though the Ola driver apologized for the technical glitch, the receipt of an INR 9,15,887 lakhs bill did scare the traveler out of his wits.

Rathish Sekhar travelled a 450 km distance from Jubilee Hills to Nizamabad on August 24th which commenced at 7.57 am in the morning and ended at 5.16 pm the same day.

Sekhar had earlier received a trip estimate on his phone for an amount of INR 5,000 for the 450 kms trip, while the final bill presented to him by the driver of taxi-hailing service Ola Cabs indicated a travelled distance of 85,427 kms and an amount of INR 9,15,887 lakhs. This highly inflated amount would be equal to a first class flight ticket around the world while he could have also purchased two Tata Indica cabs with the amount.

ola cab bill

Luckily for Sekhar, the driver, Sunil Kumar of the cab realized the error and apologized for the apparent technical glitch. Obviously Sekhar refused to pay the bill while Kumar called up Ola support staff who recalculated the bill to INR 4,812.

The process took a good 30 minutes while the support staff stated that the error was due to a problem in the computer. The issue ended on a positive note as Sekhar was relieved to receive his final bill for INR 4,812 and for the fact that he did not have to run from pillar to post to rectify the error.


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  • For a moment the customer was like “Ailaa” coz of ola ! 😛