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Road safety lessons to be part of school curriculum

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National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is planning to add driving and road safety lessons in school curriculum from next academic year. This can be counted as a major and functional step towards improving road safety in India. What better way to perk up safety awareness than making blossoming school children develop road safety as habit.

Stop LightInternational Road Federation (IRF) organised a seminar on ‘Role of Corporates in Road Safety’ in New Delhi recently, where Vijay Chibber, Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) made this observation while speaking there. He announced that a new car crash test facility will be set up by the end of 2014-15 financial year.

Statistics reveal that India records the world’s highest count of fatalities on road, I presume you aren’t surprised. India has only one percent of entire world’s vehicle population, and despite that, the country sees 10 percent of world’s fatal accidents (about 1.3 million) happening here. In 2012, around 1,38,000 people lost their lives in road accidents in India, out of 4,90,000 known accidents. Because of road accidents, the country suffers losses of Rs 100,000 crores per year.

Road safety lessons to be part of school curriculumIndian Government is working continuously and taking steps to check fatal accidents through renovating road conditions, providing separate lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and buses, construction of bylanes on highways every 50km, allocating resting areas on highway, enforcing further safety protocols to public transport, etc. Despite, it will remain impossible to ensure road safety unless each and everyone of us complies with basic safety principles like wearing helmet/ seatbelt, maintaining speed limit, using turn indicators for turning and lane changing, avoiding high beam head lights in city limits and the like.

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Ashwin Ram N P

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  • Gyan Prakash

    Traffic Education in Schools: I have written and published book Traffic Education in 1984. In NCERT I was a resource person for vocational education. The NCERT wanted to adopt my book but expressed that for this political support is required. The personal secretary of Rajiv Gandhi asked me to come next day but meeting could not take place. Delhi Doordarshan producer Shri Khalid Sultan wanted to make educational film with me but he got objection when DCP Traffic is available for Rs fifty then why he want me from Jabalpur . Again I will provide class wise lessons which I planned 30 years back.

    • NabanitaSR

      The curriculum will include chapters on safety from the new academic year. Furthermore, a number of auto manufacturers are now approaching schools and talking to kids about road safety through games, skits, mascots and toys.

  • Gyan Prakash

    But the problem is how to educate Government ( officers) who does not have any machinery for enforcement of Motor Vehicle Act when Central Government is collecting Rs Hundred Thousand crore per year from motor vehicle and further sales tax etc. All accidents are caused due to violation of section 109, 110, 112 and 128 of Motor Vehicle Act by Government and manufacturers and Central Govt is not filing it’s reply in Supreme Court in SLP no 29278 of 2008 for last 8 years.