Rolls Royce special edition ‘Canton Glory’ Ghost

Rolls Royce special edition ‘Canton Glory’ is inspired by Canyon Towers in Guangzhou, one of the tallest TV towers in the world and a famous Guangzhou landmark. It comes in with a two toned color scheme in Maderia red and Cassioperia silver or Carrera white as per customer’s demands. Inspired by the Canton Towers also means that the model captures its style, elegance and personality which is a fitting tribute to Guangzhou and its modern cityscape.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost 1Canton Glory will also sport Guangzhou Five Rams statue which will be embossed onto headrests and coachline, besides dashboard and veneer panels. The luxury car will also feature Rolls Royce’ latest Satellite Aided Transmission and multi-media interface.

With only two models of Canton Glory produced, there is no word on price, but being a limited edition it will very likely to be very expensive. Price of base Ghost LWB starts at 5.11 million yuan or $838,000, while Canton Glory will be at least a million more. For more information, scroll through the press release below.