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Shell lubricating fluids run a Ferrari even before it hits the road


Ferrari is known for its classy sport vehicles which are known to achieve high speeds when in use. In order to ensure that these vehicles don’t run into problems Shell fluids are used on a wide spread basis to oil and lubricate engines and moving parts in the vehicle. This can be seen at the Maranello facility of Ferrari where products of Shell like hydraulic fluids, slideway oils, gear oils and circulating oils are used on a daily basis.

These products have been designed to stand up to trials and tribulations which plague these racing machines. When used these oils and greases help reduce friction and improve efficiency of the engine considerably. Slideway oils play a crucial role in manufacture of Formula 1 and GT car variants. These lubricating hydraulic oils and greases are not only used for maintaining Ferrari cars, they are widely used for lubrication of assembly units in the factory which are programmed to work for long hours without a break.

Shell products are not only a god send for Ferrari cars but also its manufacturing facility which if not maintained in a proper way can cause a number of problems which lead to equipment damage and decrease in manufacturing capacity.


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