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Smart Community sets new world record for longest Smart parade in Antwerp: Lucerne in 2013

Antwerp was the place where Smart Community met to set a new world record for being longest ever smart parade. 1594 Fans from around 27 countries congregated together on Saturday to make this parade possible. There were 1114 vehicles participating in the parade that winded their way through the streets of Antwerp which drew the attention of eager onlookers.

One outstanding fact of this parade is not only eager efforts to break a world record but also to bring to the fore their fervor to ensure a cleaner and greener environment. All CO2 emitted during this four day event will be compensated by forestation wherein these participants along with WeForest, a Non Profit Organization will undertake to plant a total of 5,200 trees all across Kenya.

Smart enthusiasts from Europe have been coming together time and again since the past twelve years. The main aim of this gathering of smart enthusiasts is to share their passion, liaison with tuners and experts and showcase their vehicles which have either been modified or self designed. This annual smart event is headed to Lucerne next year where it is scheduled for August 23-25, 2013.

News release: Smart times 2012 drew 1,594 smart fans from 27 countries to Belgium – Record in Antwerp: the world’s longest smart parade

From 23 – 26 August 2012 1,594 smart fans from 27 countries came to Antwerp for the world’s largest gathering of the smart community – and set a new world record with the longest ever smart parade. On Saturday 1,114 vehicles drove through the streets of the Belgian city and the third largest European seaport watched by enthusiastic spectators. All CO2 emissions produced from driving during the big four-day event will be compensated by reforestation. Together with the international non-profit organisation WeForest smart will plant 5,200 trees in Kenya. Next year smart times will take place in Lucerne.

Since the year 2000 the unique gathering has drawn an ever-increasing number of smart enthusiasts from all over Europe. This year, over a period of four days at smart times they were able to share their passion for smart, talk to designers, tuners and experts, take part in outings and attend concerts together – and some of them were also able to proudly present their extravagantly modified and individually designed vehicles.

From sporty smart contests to stunt shows or tours of the city on the new smart ebike – all items on the programme of this year’s smart times once again proved very popular. Special highlights the longest smart times parade ever. There were plenty of opportunities to take test drives in the new smart fortwoand smart fortwo electric drive,
to talk at length with smart experts, evening parties and attend the annual smart flea market, which rounded off the programme.

The smart community is already looking forward to getting together again in Lucerne from 23 – 25 August 2013, where smart times 2013 will take place.


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