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Survey reveals most Gen-Y consumers opt for high-tech cars

Survey reveals most Gen-Y consumers opt for high-tech cars

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study into the preferences of Gen-Y consumers concluded that the younger generation is not as enamored about cars as compared to the previous generation, though high tech features are a major attraction.

Out of a group of 80 million persons born between 1977 and 1994, 61% of these high tech loving consumers said that they may still purchase a car in the next three years while a quarter of the youngsters said that they would like to purchase their car in the next year. 80% of the respondents who do not own or lease a car say that the cost is too high, while 67% said that they got around easily enough by walking or taking a public transport.

Survey reveals most Gen-Y consumers opt for high-tech carsSafety and state of the art technology on board their cars will be most preferred with 59% of those surveyed expecting to drive a hybrid car in the next five years and 58% would want the government to offer incentives to buy more energy efficient cars. Gen-Y also expect fuel efficiency to come from new technology with 59% saying that they expect to drive a car with alternative power train options and 29% saying they would opt for propulsion system.

A major percentage of buyers stated that they wanted their next car to offer technology that recognized other cars on the road, while advanced entertainment technology was another major attraction. Gen-Y was also more open to form of mobility such as car sharing though only 29% stated that they would be willing to give up their vehicles.


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