Tata Motors motorsport division Full Throttle Trails now in Ludhiana: 17th June, 2012

Finally, things in the motorsport segment seem to be making headway in India. Motorsports division of Tata Motors, Full Throttle recently launched Full Throttle Trails, a series of off-roading events which will be held for half a day across the country. Tata Motors wants to make sure that participants have a good time and at the same time fine tune their off-road skills.

This series of events will allow Tata Motors SUV owners to take a break from their hectic schedules and experience high-octane off road adventure. Participants will get an opportunity to explore the ruggedness of their SUVs and also get familiar with off-road driving techniques.

The challenge for participants would be to complete drills that involve surfaces such as bumpy terrain, slush beds, sand beds and hill-climbs within the stipulated time. Over 21 Trails have been scheduled for the coming months, with the next scheduled to take place in Ludhiana on June 17. To plan and execute the Full Throttle Trail series of events perfectly Tata Motors has roped in Cougar Sports as their program partner.

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Full Throttle Trails soon in Ludhiana

Tata Motors Full Throttle, the motorsport division of Tata Motors, recently launched Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, a series of half-day off-roading events for Tata Motors SUV owners. With the next trail scheduled in Ludhiana on June 17, Tata Motors Full Throttle will offer Tata Motors SUV owners in and around the city, an opportunity to take a short break from mundane day-to-day driving and explore extreme off-roading in their favourite Tata SUVs.

With over 21 trails scheduled over the next few months, the recently concluded maiden Chandigarh trail, witnessed an overwhelming response, with participation of over 35 Tata Motors SUVs.

Maneuvering through some of the most challenging surfaces like slush beds, hills, bumpy courses, sand beds and many more, participants will have to complete the trail within a maximum stipulated time, to qualify as finishers. Cougar Motorsports is being roped in as the programme partner, for planning and execution of Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashesh Dhar, Head Utility Vehicles, Tata Motors said, “With off-roading gaining popularity, and due to the lack of off-roading tracks, Full Throttle Trails will give enthusiasts an opportunity not only to experience the thrill, ruggedness and toughness of their Tata Motors SUVs, but will also familiarise them with some serious off-road driving techniques, in a planned and safe manner. Besides Full Throttle Trails also offers customers a quick weekend get away, in the proximity of their respective cities.”

Tata Motors Full Throttle recently launched another property under the Full Throttle banner, called Tata Motors Full Throttle Experience. Full Throttle Experience is an off-roading expedition which will span over a number of days, with the first expedition being flagged off from New Delhi on June 22, 2012.

To take part in these adventurous off-roading activities, enthusiasts can mail Tata Motors at trails@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com or experiences@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com, or can visit us at http://www.tatamotorsfullthrottle.com/.