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Tata Nano bangs into Maruti Ciaz – you would not believe these images

Accident images from Goa has surprised all. Tata Nano has managed to damage a car which is at least 4 times costlier.

About a month ago, images of Maruti Baleno and VW Jetta’s accident went viral on social media. The images surprised many, because the front of Baleno was completely crumpled, and both front airbags were deployed due to the impact. But at the same time, there was hardly any visible damage to VW Jetta’s rear, where the Baleno had made an impact.

Once again a Maruti car is involved in a crash, and the images are going viral on social media. This time, a Tata Nano has banged into a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Surprisingly, the results are not very different from last month’s accident.

Tata Nano banged into Maruti Ciaz (2)

The images were shared by Swapnil Ekbote. The accident took place somewhere in Goa during the day on a relatively less crowded road. Eye-witnesses to the incident reveal that the Maruti Ciaz driver applied sudden brakes when a dog came into its path. The Tata Nano driver too applied brakes, but failed to bring the car to a halt in time and banged into the rear of Maruti Ciaz.

What people saw after the accident, surprised everyone. The rear of Ciaz was damaged badly, even the boot lid came-off its place. While on the other hand, Tata Nano’s front had comparatively less damage.

Tata Nano banged into Maruti Ciaz (3)

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Rushlane urges readers to be at their attentive best when driving their vehicle. Drive safe.

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          • K. I stepped back and thought about it. The scenario is,
            Either the dog lives, or the passengers in the car live
            Hm. Just bcoz an accident happened bcoz of the dog, next time it’s not going to watch all sides before crossing road.

          • Or the accident happened because of humans! There never should be the question of whether the dog lives out the driver lives. It is not relevant. What is relevant is that these dogs do learn. They do watch before they cross the road. Most of them anyways. They are definitely more careful than their human counterparts. As a matter of fact, domestic animals are present everywhere! They roam the streets! They don’t even have a proper home. Then there are people like you saying their lives don’t matter as much as human lives. Step back and think again. Do humans really deserve the free pass they are given? We are not good. We are evil. It’s way past time people like you realize that. It’s way past time we realize that.

          • That is why, stray dogs are castrated by municipal corporation.
            So any dog can just stray around the roads, and cross roads, and we humans should apply brakes and cause the drover behind our vehicle to crash onto us?

          • Who are you guys?, evaluating human lives below the value of animals.
            If the nano car hadn’t been built sturdy, sure the driver would have been dead by now. Does it satisfy you?

          • Hmm. Lemme think, I am a human?. So I value human lives over animals’. I wonder what will be your reply to my who are you guys question. He he.

  • The Ciaz’s rear crumple zone absorbed the majority of the impact. Cars today are built to keep collision energy away from the passenger compartment, and thus the Ciaz disintegrated more the Nano. If the Nano had hit a truck, things would have been very different indeed. The Nano is not stronger or safer, instead the Maruti’s effective safety cell design has saved major injuries, if not lives. Sadly another case of yellow journalism, this.

    • Just a few days back it was the Baleno’s front and Jetta’s rear. At that time many said that the rear of

      a car is built stronger, than the front. Front has crumple zones and rear does not.

      Coincidentally, another maruti car has been in news, and this time it is the rear which has crumpled.

      Why only maruti cars have these crumple zones all over their body? What are other car makers doing wrong?

      Yellow journalism? Really?

    • I personally drive a Skoda, and similar incident happened where a wagon R bumped into the rear end, however apart from a minor scratch there was no visible damage, while wagon r was fairly dented from the front
      Dear santosh, cars are designed to absorb impact of a frontal collision, in case of a front to back collision the car in rear which is one that is colliding absorbs the impact, while there is no need for a rear crumple zone as either getting hit from the rear are either moving slowly or stationary in all instances, hence no requirement of crumple zones in the rear. Good Qualty cars like Jetta , Octavia AUDI , BMW do not have crumple zones in the rear end, in fact the rear part of stiff frame that oin conjunction with the bumper absorbs and disperses the impact along the frame. Maruti unfortunately does not have such well engineered frames and body structure, therefore what u see is typical of a Maruti, while the Nano, as it does not have room for crumple zones owing to its size uses its frame to absorb the impact.
      In fact that’s one reason why Maruti can sell cheap cars as the compromise on the build quality , and in the Indian market where people prefer a Bluetooth enabled stereo to air bags get easily swayed away to Maruti. Even in its home country Maruti is not the largest.

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