Tata Nano bangs into Maruti Ciaz – you would not believe these images

About a month ago, images of Maruti Baleno and VW Jetta’s accident went viral on social media. The images surprised many, because the front of Baleno was completely crumpled, and both front airbags were deployed due to the impact. But at the same time, there was hardly any visible damage to VW Jetta’s rear, where the Baleno had made an impact.

Once again a Maruti car is involved in a crash, and the images are going viral on social media. This time, a Tata Nano has banged into a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Surprisingly, the results are not very different from last month’s accident.

Tata Nano banged into Maruti Ciaz (2)

The images were shared by Swapnil Ekbote. The accident took place somewhere in Goa during the day on a relatively less crowded road. Eye-witnesses to the incident reveal that the Maruti Ciaz driver applied sudden brakes when a dog came into its path. The Tata Nano driver too applied brakes, but failed to bring the car to a halt in time and banged into the rear of Maruti Ciaz.

What people saw after the accident, surprised everyone. The rear of Ciaz was damaged badly, even the boot lid came-off its place. While on the other hand, Tata Nano’s front had comparatively less damage.

Tata Nano banged into Maruti Ciaz (3)

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Rushlane urges readers to be at their attentive best when driving their vehicle. Drive safe.