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Tata’s Forutner competing SUV will be based on Land Rover Freelander

Tata's Forutner competing SUV will be based on Land Rover Freelander

Ever since Tata took over British brand Jaguar Land Rover from Ford, there have been talks about Tata launching an SUV with Land Rover’s help. Finally, it has now been revealed that this SUV will enter markets by 2017, and that it will be based on the Land Rover Freelander platform.

Tata's Forutner competing SUV will be based on Land Rover FreelanderExpected to be launched in a price bracket of INR 20-25 lakhs, the new Tata premium SUV will be at the top of the Tata model range and will compete with the likes of Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Hyundai Santa Fe, etc.

Currently in development phase, the new Tata SUV will receive a Freelander’s L359 platform with its monocoque chassis. This platform is preferred due to its lightness and though sharing the platform, the upcoming Tata SUV will be notably different in all other respects as compared to the Freelander, reveals Autocar India. A team of 45 engineers headed by Karl Heinz Servos is currently working on this new Tata SUV. Expected to be launched in five/seven seater format, it is currently codenamed Q5.

This new SUV from Tata Motors comes six years after the company entered into collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover. Chassis specifications will be shared with Land Rover Freelander, but the engine will not be the one that powers Land Rover, but the one that powers existing Safari and Aria, though a retuned version. The 2.2l VariCor diesel engine will be tuned for this new premium Tata SUV.


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