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Tesla Model S arrives in Europe


Tesla Model S arrives in Europe with launch price of €71,400Tesla Motors has already started deliveries of Model S, the pathbreaking electric supercar, in USA, and now, they have launched Model S in Europe. Tesla Model S electric saloon will be available in European markets with benefits, however, they will only be able to avail benefits on the high end versions of Model S.

In conjunction with this, Tesla said that it would be leaving out the 40 kWh battery model and will be promoting the 60 and 85 kWh battery pack instead. The 60 kWh battery pack Model S is priced at €71,400, in Germany (Rs 51.90 lakhs or $94,453), which is quite higher than the price of US markets.

In the US, Tesla Model S 40kWh is priced at $49,900, 60 kWh at $59,900, 85 kWh at $69,900 and the Model S Performance at $84,900. The top end Signature Performance model is priced at €109,150 (US$143,700) in Europe. The price is very high compared to its home market. However, European customers who have chosen the opportunity of buying Tesla vehicles by the end of this month, will benefit with a $2,230 reduction in pre tax price.

High prices of these models have been attributed due to shipping costs and modifications which have been integrated to make sure that these vehicles meet the stringent EU regulations. For more information, scroll down.

Inside Tesla 06.19.12 – Assembly Center

Model S Customer Delivery Event


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    You should also mention that European prices must include the VAT (Value Added Tax) and the customs duties, while U.S. prices are always displayed without local taxes.
    By instance, the top end Tesla Model S Signature Performance, which I am anxiously waiting for, is sold in my country (Belgium) at € 110,950 ($ 146,065), but it is including 21 % of VAT ; then the price ex-VAT is $ 120,715, still including 10 % of customs duties, so that the price when delivered in Europe = $ 109,741, only $ 11,841 more than the U.S. price of $ 97,900.
    $ 11,841 = 12 % of $ 97,900 and it is not that much to cover the freight costs, insurance costs, risk of change, and so on.