Watch two thieves towing away Yamaha R3 using a scooter

Breaking the ignition and handle lock, two bike thieves managed to tow away a Yamaha R3 motorcycle in Chennai. Their entire act was caught on video. Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of a number of two wheelers being stolen in a similar manner.

The video below was shared online by Rohit Karmarkar. His brother’s Yamaha R3 was parked outside his house when two robbers approached the bike, broke the ignition and towed the bike away using a scooter. CCTV footage has been released while the robbers are yet to be apprehended.

Karmarkar has appealed to readers to be on the lookout for a Yamaha R3 black colored bike bearing registration no TN 09 CC 6226. The bike sports a Michelin rear tyre while there are some small scratches on the right side. If anyone spots this bike they are requested to contact Karmarkar on Cell No 9962424248.

Many readers have responded to his Facebook post with comments and shares in the hope that it will be useful in tracing the stolen bike.