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Tork FZ electric high performance Yamaha FZ variant

Tork FZ is an electric and high performance Yamaha FZ variant 1

Tork FZ is the creation of Pune based Kapil Shelke, founder and director of Tork Motorcycles. Shelke and his team have taken one of the best performing 150cc motorcycle inthe country currently, Yamaha FZ and turned it into an electric motorcycle. Not only it is more powerful, but is green and environmentally friendly.

Yamaha FZ street bike with its 150cc, 13.8 bhp petrol engine is capable of acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in a matter of 15 seconds. The battery powered DC motor, now fitted on the Tork FZ, is capable of the same performance in 8.7 seconds. The petrol engine is replaced with an electric motor which makes the gearbox redundant. Torque output is available right from standstill and stands at 60 Nm while this electric bike claims a top speed of 120 kmph and with full charge can offer upto 80 km range.

Tork FZ is an electric and high performance Yamaha FZ variant 1Tork Electric FZ finds its battery unit situated below the petrol tank while another box finds an electric drivetrain. The petrol tank holds other components relevant for electric drive. Tork Electric FZ costs around Rs. 3 lakhs.

Tork Motors, the Pune based company, established in April 2009 specializes in the development of electric sports motorcycles. Their first venture saw the introduction of TOO1X which went on to win races such as IOM-TT and TTXGP. The company specializes in complete drivetrain solutions and other components with added attention on controller units, battery management systems and hall effect throttle.


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