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TotalFlex technology enabled Volkswagen Gol small car to support Catholic Kolpingwerk social work

Brazil is a country that is blessed with many resources. However, in southern Brazil people are deprived of a social life and education and its here that catholic charities like Kolpingwerk reach out and transform their lives. To enable mobility in these regions, VW has provided a small car, Gol which has been incorporated with total flex technology allowing it to run on gasoline, ethanol or even a mix of the two in certain conditions.

This car will replace the previous model that was helping ferry workers to meet families in these far off regions. The new Gol has been developed keeping optimum mileage in mind and designed so as to be able to adapt to the geography of the region effectively.

Volkswagen has been in the company for almost half a century and has built a foundation which can shoulder the social and economic graph of Brazil. Volkswagen Group General Representative for External Relations and Government Relations said that VW was happy to support educational and social work in this region by providing this vehicle to Kolpingwerk.

Read the press release below for more information.

News Release

Volkswagen Group supports social work in Southern Brazil
Gol with TotalFlex engine for work in deprived areas

Environmentally compatible mobility for Catholic Kolpingwerk
Wolfsburg, 08 August 2012 – The Volkswagen Group is donating a vehicle to the Catholic charity Kolpingwerk for its social and educational work in the deprived districts of the city of Guarapuava in Southern Brazil. The small car, a new Gol, is equipped with TotalFlex technology developed in Brazil and allowing operation on gasoline, ethanol produced from sugar-cane or a mixture of the two fuels.

The fuel consumption of the car previously used was excessive and availability was poor as a result of frequent major repairs. Karl Wiszniewsky, who heads the “Obra Kolping” in Parana, reports: “Our work includes visits to our Kolping families. We listen to their worries and concerns, are there for them, give them tips and advice and celebrate the church year with them. We are very pleased that the Gol which has been provided will keep us mobile in the critical marginal areas of Guarapuava in the future.” Kolping families are self-help groups and their activities help people in need to master the challenges of their everyday lives. The Obra Kolping in the state of Parana was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Guarapuava, a city of 160,000 inhabitants with poor educational and transport infrastructure.

Volkswagen has been active in Brazil for more than half a century and has established a foundation in the country, the “Fundação Volkswagen”, to support social and environmental projects. Dr. Thomas Steg, Volkswagen Group General Representative for External Relations and Government Relations, said: “Sustainability is the cornerstone of our corporate policy. Only companies which conserve resources and shoulder their social responsibility will continue to be successful in the future. I am very pleased that we are once again supporting educational and social work through mobility by providing this Volkswagen vehicle.”

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