Toyota i-TRIL Concept debuts at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota's i-TRIL Concept on display at 2017 Geneva Motor Show is a cross between a trike and the iRoad concept.

Toyota’s i-TRIL Concept is a compact car with two wheels placed further apart at the front while they are more closely positioned at the rear. Interiors see a 1+2 seating layout while the i-TRIL can lean onto corners at upto 10 degrees.

A front swivel seat is evident on the new i-TRIL while access is via butterfly doors on each A Pillar allowing easier ingress and egress even to passengers at the rear. Seats are upholstered in purple while seats wrap around into the side panels. Passengers are positioned on either sides of the pedestal mounted front seat offering them a better view.

Toyota’s i-TRIL Concept weighs a total of 600 kgs and extends to a length of 10 feet (2830mm). It has a turning cycle akin to that seen on the Toyota iQ thus making it ideal means of transport in crowded urban environments.

The i-TRIL gets an efficient electric motor, which when fully charged can offer a drive range of over 185 miles. It has been programmed to function autonomously though it allows the driver to take charge when the need arises.

There are no pedals or instrument panel and neither is there any steering wheel but in its place is a joy stick controller and head up display.