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Volkswagen Beetle encrusted with over 2 million beads: Vochol arrives at Denver International Airport (Photos)

A 1990 Volkswagen Beetle covered with 2,270,000 glass beads is an assortment of colors in a traditional Huichol design, is now seen at the Denver International Airport. Now named Vochol, this is the handiwork of two Huichol families who have spent 9,408 hours in ensuring that every part of the VW Beetle is covered in beads, including steering wheel and dashboard.

The art exhibit on display will continue through to August 31st 2012 and officials of the Mexican consulate in Denver and officials of the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico were joined by students as they unveiled this spectacular and colorful vehicle.

Mr Andres Chao, Mexican Consulate General in Denver, said, “You can see a lot of luxury cars and sports cars, but there’s only one Vochol. There’s different messages each can take from the car. With their art, the Huicholes can use little pieces of beads to express landscapes of my country, religious messages and other symbols. When they start any project they have a very open mind, that’s the feeling it gives.”

Cecilia Moctezuma, director of the Association of Friends of the Museo de Arte Popular, said, “The governments of Jalisco and Tepic put us in touch with two families and they worked together wonderfully. We spoiled them like you would not believe. We just wanted to add the human touch because they were so special to us. There was not a week that passed without us visiting them.”

The two families, natives of west central Mexico, spent 7 months in 2010 covering every inch of the vehicle in glass beads of every possible color. This art work is now named called Vochol – represents a mix of the word Vocho which means beetle and Huichol. Intricate detailing and a variety of patterns and colors are seen throughout the exterior of the beetle. The families have named their price for this decoration and were paid accordingly.

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