Volkswagen Motorsport India conducts intensive health and fitness camp for Polo R Cup 2012 participants (Photos)

Volkswagen Motorsport India has ensured that their drivers for upcoming Polo R Cup 2012 are physically and mentally up to mark. They have put their drivers through a series of tests and fitness feats to ensure that they are at their peak where both mind and body are concerned.

Training expert Abhimanyu Sable and his team from ABS Fitness & Wellness Club conducted this training camp at Jaypee Integrated Sports Complex, Greater Noida. Drivers were put through a series of sessions including weight training, suspension training, martial arts and were made to play games like football, volleyball and water polo.

It was also for the first time that the fitness camp included a pre season test drive. 20 racers participated in a test drive round the Buddh International Circuit in TSI Race Polo to enable them to get used to these vehicles. Further sessions of fitness which will include meditation and yoga were also held to improve the driver’s mental fitness regimen.

The training camp is being held to prepare drivers for 2012 Polo Cup in every possible way ensuring that fitness remains their number one priority. Motorsports is a challenging game requiring a high level of physical and mental agility. Sable and his team are ensuring that they leave no stone unturned to make all drivers of Volkswagen Motorsports team ready and well equipped to withstand this grueling feat.

Volkswagen Polo 2012 begins during the first week of July in Coimbatore. Round 1 will be held from 6th to 8th July 2012 and Round 2 will be held from 27th to 29th July 2012 at Karl Motor Speedtrack – Coimbatore.

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Polo R Cup 2012 Driver Fitness Camp and Pre-Season Test: Racers Prepare for the Tough Season Ahead

*Football, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Water Polo, Cardio and Yoga: Volkswagen provides the tools to drivers to reach the peak of their fitness

*Camp includes Medical Assessment, tips on Sponsorship Management and discussion on Rules and Regulation of the championship

*Fitness camp was coupled with an opportunity to test drive the new TSI Race Polo at the Buddh International Circuit

New Delhi, June 16, 2012: Volkswagen Motorsport India concluded an intensive two-day fitness camp today for the young Polo R Cup 2012 drivers. After two successful fitness camps in last two seasons, Volkswagen continues to make Polo R Cup drivers stronger and fitter. The pre-season driver fitness camp was held at Jaypee Integrated Sports Complex, Greater Noida. The fitness camp was designed keeping in mind the physical and mental needs of a racer. Under this program the drivers were taken through a number of sessions designed to provide them with the fitness tools to become well-rounded racing professionals.For the first time in three seasons, the fitness camp was coupled with a pre-season test drive. The 20 young racers were given an opportunity to test drive the new TSI Race Polo at the Buddh International Circuit to help themget acquainted with their respective race machines.

The fitness camp was conducted under the guidance of Mr. Abhimanyu Sable and his team of professional trainers from ABS Fitness & Wellness Club. The camp provided the drivers with sessions on Mixed Martial Arts, Suspension Training, Weight Training and other group sports like Football, Volleyball and Water Polo. Drivers were also made to undergo mental fitness exercises like Meditation and Yoga. The aim of all these sessions was to improve the level of physical and mental fitness of the drivers.The first two seasons’ fitness camp had taken place in Ooty and Lonavala in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

“We believe that the performance of the drivers is not just about how they drive the car. It has also to do with their overall fitness. Our aim is to prepare them to be as fitas possible on the racing circuit. To be a successful and complete racing driver, fitness remains one of the prime requirements.This camp was based on the international fitness format followed by Volkswagen globally and it focuses on all-round fitness development of drivers” said Mr. Prithviraj Siddappa, head of Volkswagen Motorsports India. “The fitness camp was preceded by a pre-season test drive for all the drivers to help them get acquainted with their Race Polo.”

“Motorsports is a very challenging activity which needs both strength and stamina. The racers have to undergo various physical pressures and need to havegood concentration power. This year we have focused more on functional exercises and suspension training (with TRX band) where one’s own body weight is used at different angles and postures to strengthen the core and back muscles. Besides this we had sessions dedicated to meditation and breathing exercises which will help the drivers to have a focussed mind in pressure situations”. said Abhimanyu Sable, Founder MD, ABS Fitness & Wellness Club. “This camp included a medical check-up and basis that we have suggested tailor-made fitness program for each driverto prepare their body and mind for the gruelling season ahead.”

“Fitness camp is a really powerful tool. Last year it helped me identify my weakness and showed me the way to work on it. The results of the camp were evident in my performance during the races. This year the trainers have seen an improvement in my fitness and helped me move up on my fitness regime.” said Mihir Dharkar, third runner-up of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2011.

“It was a great experience for me. The importance of fitness in motorsport is less understood and there was no better way for me to learn than this fitness camp. I am definitely going to incorporate all that was taught to us and keep myself fit for the races,”said rookie driver from Delhi, Tabish Khan. “One of the sessions included a technical workshop which has helped me immensely to understand the dynamics of the Race Polo. It will definitely help me to bond quicker with my race machine.”

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About Volkswagen Motorsport
In more than 40 years of motorsport history Volkswagen has been setting standards primarily in three areas: The brand celebrated exploits in touring car racing, formula racing and rally racing.

The brand’s history in motorsport started in 1966, in formula racing. Formula V – “V” stood for Volkswagen – became an important career step for drivers like KekeRosberg or NikiLauda. With 58 hp and the robust technology of the Beetle it offered favourably priced entry and high-quality racing for young drivers. Later, one-make cups like Formula König powered by Volkswagen and Formula Volkswagen built upon this line and consistently followed through on the one-make cup idea with standard chassis. In 2008 Formula ADAC powered by Volkswagen started to continue this tradition.

In comparison with other manufacturers Volkswagen set the pace on the formula stage as well. Between 1979 and 1994 Volkswagen, as a Formula 3 engine manufacturer, won 55 international titles, including seven in Germany. Since September 2007 Volkswagen has been competing in the Formula 3 Euro Series, since 2008 in the German Formula 3 Cup and since 2009 in the British Formula 3, and with success: 2009 saw the title wins in the ­German and British Championships, and 2010 in all three series. At the prestigious Formula 3 finale in Macau in ­November 2009 and 2010 EdoardoMortara celebrated wins “powered by Volkswagen”.

Successes in rally sport
While the first off-road excursions date back all the way to the 1970s, Volkswagen has been systematically promoting young talent since 1980. For half a decade, the Golf Rally Cup offered optimum opportunities to young drivers. Concurrently, Volkswagen in the 1986 World Rally Championship clinched the title win in Group A with the Golf and driver Kenneth Eriksson. In cross-country rally sport the brand achieved its first big exploit by winning the 1980 Dakar Rally. From 2009 to 2011 Volkswagen became the first manufacturer to win the legendary rallye with a car powered by a Diesel engine.

Attractive one-make cups in touring car racing
In more than three decades Volkswagen has shaped the touring car scene as well. The Scirocco Cup, as the first one-make cup from 1976 onwards, produced a subsequent Formula 1 driver, Manfred Winkelhock. It was followed by the Golf Cup and the Lupo/Polo Cup from which numerous talented drivers managed to ascend to higher-level series. Currently, the Scirocco R-Cup is causing a sensation.