Worlds first sportscar from an Arab brand: W Motors Hyper Sport and Super Sport (Photos)

W Motors have announced that they will be the first in the Arab world to bring into being not one but two luxury super cars – Hyper-Sport and Super-Sport. These two super cars are being designed for the rich and famous, and hence will have all the trimming of a super luxurious vehicle best suited for Dubai markets. Hyper-Sport is expected to be officially unveiled in Dubai by end of this year and will be the first of the two models to make their way into the market.

However, it must be mentioned that they will only be limited to 5 cars worldwide and hence will be highly exclusive sports cars. The car has been designed to stand apart from the rest complete with diamond encrusted LED lights up front. Be it power, torque, speed or performance Hyper-Sport will be unique in every way with each element of the vehicle manufactured to perfection and to live upto the meticulous demands of their top end buyers. It was not revealed as to when Super-Sport will make its entrance but judging that it is being launched after Hyper-Sport it will probably be just as if not even more luxurious that the former.

Read the press release below for more information.

Auto News Release

First Arab Brand of High Performance Luxury Sports Cars launched from Beirut
W Motors S.A.L eyes ambitious goals in the automotive industry

Beirut, July 11th 2012: Beirut witnessed today a major milestone for the automotive industry in the region and the world. W Motors s.a.l., which is set to be the premier designer and manufacturer of Hyper cars in the region, was launched on the 11th of July 2012 during a high end ceremony, organized by Events Production.

The official launch of W Motors which is a groundbreaking accomplishment for region based entrepreneur and specialist Ralph R Debbas, took place in the lavish venue of Sursock Palace Beirut. A select number of Politicians, Socialites and high ranking industry leaders, were there to attend the launch press conference and the unveiling of this promising automotive brand that eyes to cater to the desire and needs of an elite clientele around the world.

The young company has allied itself to major partners and suppliers in the automotive industry and design sector: “Magna Steyr Torino” represented by Mr. Tiziano Novo, General Manager of Magna Torino, “RUF Automobile Germany”, and “STUDIOTORINO” represented by Mr. Alfredo Stola.

Ralph R Debbas, Chairman of W Motors s.a.l. stated: “We will be launching 2 different lines of vehicles, the Hyper-sport and the Super-sport. Our first model, the Hyper-sport, will be limited to 5 cars worldwide and will be labeled as the most exclusive high performance car ever made. With signature diamond incrusted LED lights, it is also the most luxurious sports car in the world. In addition, the Hyper-sport W will be the first and only car to ever integrate a fully functional holographic display with interactive motion, gaining years of innovation ahead of competition. This car is simply unique in every single way; every element has been meticulously engineered to give the right balance between power, torque and speed, delivering the ultimate driving machine for a unique driving experience”.

With an entrepreneurial background, Debbas is the mastermind behind the W Motors project. Graduating from Coventry University School of Art and Design with a major in Automotive Design and having finalized numerous awarded concepts in Europe, Debbas worked on building a sizeable network within the automotive industry, leading him to the creation of W Motors, the world’s most exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced high performance sports cars, a pioneer project for the Arab World.