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Yamaha R25 collides head on with Yamaha FZ, first ever R25 crash?

Yamaha R25 crash

Fun and excitement of being one of first few people in the world to get hands on a Yamaha R25 is known only to those. It is unfortunate that one among the early recipients has taken part in what appears to be a serious accident on road, at 501 Madiun, Indonesia.

Yamaha R25 crashOther bike which participated in the tragic event is said to be Yamaha V-Ixion, also known as Yamaha FZ150i and Yamaha Viper in different markets. Photos of Yamaha R25 post crash has surfaced online while that of V-Ixion is not to be found. It seems owner of Yamaha R25 escaped major injuries while rider of V-Ixion sustained some and was rushed to a hospital.

Yamaha R25 accidentFrom the looks of it, Yamaha R25 lost both headlamps, whole chunk of fairing around them, visor unit, instrument cluster and rear view mirrors. Front fork and split handle bar could have taken enough shock to misalign. Rest of bike appears to be intact, except for scratches and cuts here and there. This could possibly be the first ever crash of Yamaha R25.

Yamaha R25 crash 3It is unclear if Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) have started supplying spares to dealership service centres. If they haven’t, this is a sign that they should.

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