CLEVER EMO (Electric Mobility Operator) finds additional investors for EV’s in Denmark

In aspiring to promote use of EV’s in Denmark, 5 leading utility operators have pledged their support to Denmark’s EMO CLEVER. In June 2012, CELVER…

In aspiring to promote use of EV’s in Denmark, 5 leading utility operators have pledged their support to Denmark’s EMO CLEVER. In June 2012, CELVER opened a public nationwide charging network in Scandinavia which is the first of its kind. It has also signed an agreement for installation of 50 Fast Charge Stations.

Through the amalgamation of these five operators, CLEVER will now be able to serve individuals in all corners of the country. These utility service providers are not only looking to implement EV’s transportation facilities for all, but they also want to ensure that these EV’s are provided with facilities which are needed for them to be sued on a daily basis.

With these five energy providers coming together and forecast of new electric vehicle models being inducted into the markets next year, prospects for electric mobility options are set to grow immensely. The EMO hopes to implement a dense and strong charging network which is flexible and easy to operate for any type of electric vehicle one may drive.

Auto news release: CLEVER successfully attracts additional investors

The leading Danish EMO (Electro Mobility Operator) CLEVER successfully expands with three additional investors: The large Danish utility companies NRGi, EnergiMidt and Energi Fyn. Consequently, five large utility companies in Denmark and 2.7 million Danes are now behind the EMO, and their common goal is to promote EV’s in Denmark.

The five largest utility companies in Denmark have now all invested in the leading Danish EMO. The EMO CLEVER delivers charging solutions for all models of electric vehicles (EV’s). In June 2012, CLEVER opened the first public nationwide charging-network for EV’s in Scandinavia and recently signed an agreement on 50 additional Fast Charge Stations.

Nationwide coverage

Until now CLEVER has been owned by the two large Danish utility companies SEAS-NVE and SE and from December 12th, they expand with three additional Danish owners; the utility companies NRGi, EnergiMidt and Energi Fyn, a selection of energy companies which literally gives CLEVER nationwide coverage with its five owners.

”As energy companies, we have a desire to strengthen both the position of electric vehicles, expand the necessary infrastructure and be a part of the future network – and that is possible through CLEVER. The Danish leading EMO has succeeded not only in putting EV’s on the roads, but also creating charging solutions to the different car brands and car models. That is why we, together as an industry, have chosen to invest in CLEVER. By that investment, we are convinced that we have chosen a long term solution. We believe that CLEVER can run and develop the emerging EV market, since they have already shown they can provide solid results,” says Jesper Hjulmand, CEO, SEAS-NVE and Chairman of the board in CLEVER.

CLEVER creates solid results in an emerging market

It has been essential to the new investors that it has been possible for CLEVER to build strong relations to the car manufactures and develop a technical platform that supports all car brands on the EV market.

Any EV can be charged using CLEVERs’ charging-network since it comprises both charging ports and Fast Charge Stations. Fast charge is the preferred technology for charging EVs and has been chosen as the primary means for extending the reach of EV’s in the future.

”With the support of not just two but five of Denmark’s largest utility companies and the forecast of new electric cars from both VW, BMW, Renault, Nissan, Citroen and Tesla next year, I believe there are good perspectives for the EV’s in 2013. And we will continue to expand our charging-network in order to make it even more dense and thereby more flexible to be an EV driver, no matter what car you drive,” promises Lars Bording, CEO, CLEVER and continues;

”We have a strong foundation both by ownership, financial and technical. We have managed to develop a strong and future-proof business model and a charging solution that supports all different car brands. With a charging solution from CLEVER you have the best solution no matter if you charge your car at home or on the go – and you will get the full potential out of your EV,” ends Lars Bording, CEO, CLEVER.