Renault invested €12 million in citizenship initiatives in 2013

In 2013, Renault has invested a total of €12 million in 330 citizenship initiatives in 36 countries, either directly or with partners. Most of these actions concerned road safety education, helping people find a place in society through mobility and education, and equality of opportunity.

The aim was to underpin economic and social development in parts of the world where Renault does business. “No big company can focus exclusively on its economic performance without being concerned about what is going on around it. It is our responsibility – but also in our interests – to become involved in environmental issues, as well as in society at large and the social life of the countries where we are established.” Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault.

RenaultThe actions were distributed in line with the four main aspects of the company’s CSR strategy: diversity (9%), education (39%), safety (26%) and sustainable mobility for all (13%), along with others (13%).

Geographically, 56% focused on the Europe region, including France, 27% on the Americas, 5% on Asia-Pacific, 2% on Eurasia and 10% on Euromed-Africa.

Renault has set up a single location on its website where requests for help with projects of general interest, support and assistance, or citizenship initiatives should be addressed. NGOs, charities and volunteers, as well as Renault employees, can send their applications there. All requests are examined, and those that will benefit from actions are chosen by members of the Renault Sponsorship Committee, which is made up of employees representing the Renault Group Works Council, the legal, communications and CSR functions, and the various regions.

In 2013 about 300 requests were made for support for projects in France and the rest of the world.


Sustainble mobility for all:
South Korea: service stations to provide training in eco-driving, started by Renault Samsung Motors.
France: a minibus to support employment in the French overseas departement of Martinique. It will compensate for mobility problems among unemployed young people in Martinique, where 47% of those under 30 are out of work.
Road safety :
UK: cars provided to CarKraft for young driver training
Argentina: “Watch what you drink”, a campaign to make people more aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving.
Netherlands: electric vehicles and the safety of visually disabled people. An electric vehicle was made available to a guide dog training school to help the animals get used to how quiet such vehicles sound when they are driven.
Brazil: Renault do Brasil employees have volunteered to renovate a nursery school.
Russia: “First steps at work”. Renault Russia offers guidance to students aged 14 to 18 to help them choose an occupation.
UK: cars and vans provided to Crisis at Christmas for the festive season to transport staff, guests and equipment
UK: cars and chauffeurs provided to Barnardos to transport celebrities and VIPs to and from high-profile fundraising events
France: educational vehicle given to the Sainte-Marie Hospital Foundation to help train staff in transferring patients from wheelchairs to the vehicle.
Colombia: sports therapy. Renault Sofasa is sponsoring a water polo team for 30 girls who were victims of family violence or malnutrition.