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$1 million Ferrari Enzo lying in Police car pound not for sale: British, American, Indian and Russian buyers keen about limited edition Ferrari

A $1 million Ferrari Enzo gathering dust at a car pound will have any Ferrari enthusiast cry his heart out.  This is exactly what is happening at the Dubai Police Car Pound where a $1 million Ferrari Enzo along with 8 other luxury cars are literally and figuratively gathering dust.

Many hopeful buyers have shown a keen interest in purchasing this limited edition red Ferrari Enzo which is one of many luxury cars seized as part of evidence from various crime scenes and are hence obviously “not for sale”. 9 such luxury cars have been seized with 7 of them being stolen in the area, while 2 cars are from overseas. The Ferrari Enzo is one of two such cars required by Interpol and hence has to be protected for all it is worth.

There are a total of 35 cars at the Dubai Police Pound but only a handful will be auctioned by the Traffic Department of Dubai as per Law No.34 of 2008 where cars impounded can be auctioned following a public announcement in the local press 30 days prior to the auction. However, the red luxury Ferrari Enzo will not be featured in this list and will continue to rub shoulders with three black Mercedes’, a black Corvette, silver Porsche and a yellow Porsche at the police pound.


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