Audi A7 self driving car put to 885 kms test, from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas

Audi A7 piloted car test drive is undertaken by a group of journalists who were given the opportunity to traverse a distance of 550 miles from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. This was a joint effort by Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory and Volkswagen Group Research and Development to showcase how the Audi A7 can handle various situations.


Audi A7 can handle driving from 0 to 70 miles per hour, can initiate lane change and execute passing maneuvers. Jack, as the Audi A7 is called, can assess surrounding cars for their speed prior to changing lanes and then match the same. The car put to the test in real world traffic and road conditions also accelerates and brakes independently whenever needed.

Long range radar sensors on the Audi A7 are still under testing and include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Audi Side Assist (ASA). Two mid range sensors are located at the front and rear offering a 360 degree view while a new high resolution 3D video camera will all be found on the Audi A7.

Prior to undertaking this journey, journalists were given a trial run across Arizona Proving Grounds with each journalist driving for 100 miles using piloted driving system. The journalists were accompanied by a trained Audi driver in the passenger seat to ensure added safety.