After Matrix LED headlamps, Audi Matrix Laser headlights are in works

Audi has disclosed development-in-progress of new Matrix Laser headlights, as a much better alternative to its own Matrix LED headlamps. Audi Matrix Laser headlights would be installed in flagship cars in each segment, and Matrix LED headlights would be made available in much lower models then.

Audi Matrix Laser lights
Audi was the first to introduce laser headlight technology to public, through Audi R8 LMX in 2014 May which is recorded to be the world’s first production car to use laser beams for headlamps. Although BMW i8 concept announced the feature months before Audi did.

Audi Matrix Laser headlights are advertised to provide much finer dynamic resolution than Audi Matrix LED headlights. The newer technology features blue laser diodes that strike beams onto a quickly moving mirror of size just 3 millimetres. The blue laser light reflected by the micro-mirror is transformed into white light after passing through a (phosphor element) converter, which is projected on the road through Linse lens.

Light from this Matrix Laser headlamp will be spread to a larger projection area on the road at low speeds, and the focus is narrowed progressively as vehicle speed is increased. Intensity is increased in the process, and Matrix technology kicks in, adjusting the illumination by sectors, to light the road ahead evenly.