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Bentley, Ferrari, BMW and Lamborghini which got burnt in Thailand, has no owner


A semi trailer carrying a BMW, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Bentley caught fire while transporting the cars from a showroom in Bangkok’s Rama 9 area to a petrol station in Si Sa Ket province at the Thai-Cambodia border. No one has come forward and claimed the ownership of these cars, which costs $3.3 million in Thailand. This has led the authorities to suspect a case of illegal import of these cars.

thailand luxury car fireBangkok Post reports that the fire broke at around 7.20 am, and was first spotted by a driver of an oncoming vehicle on the same highway. While efforts were made to douse the fire, all these luxury vehicles on board were destroyed beyond use very soon, thus causing damage to the tune of 100 million baht (US$3.3 million or €2.5 million).

Police are yet unsure as to the cause of the fire but were told that all gas tanks of the cars were full at the time of transportation. Truck driver Ekkapat Wilamas, 37, stated that the trailer was travelling uphill. The fire also damaged the trailer’s air brakes which caused the vehicles to slide off and crash into a roadside ditch, thus causing a traffic jam.

The surprising part of the entire episode is that no one has turned up to claim ownership of these prized vehicles which does sound surprising as does the fact that these vehicle were being transported with their fuel tanks full of fuel.


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