Bunch of new cars saved the life of truck driver, here’s how

A lorry measuring 30 meters in length and transporting 23 cars from Anhui Province in eastern China to Guizhou Province in southern China spun out of control on the southern Chinese motorway. The lorry was seen hanging off a 500 ft bridge about 150 meters (492 ft) above the ground.

Despite the lorry spinning out of control and the precarious position it finally landed in, the driver and co-driver escaped from the lorry with only minor injuries. Only thanks to the weight of the cars in their cargo bay. If it was not for the cars, the two would have certainly died after falling off the 500 feet tall bridge. However the incident blocked traffic across the highway for over an hour while authorities cleared the scene of the crash.


Reports suggest that the lorry was travelling at a speed of 80 kmph when the driver apparently lost control. Even as the driver applied the emergency brakes, the vehicle failed to stop and bounced off the central verge. The lorry was noted to careen towards the traffic barriers in the middle of the motorway and dangle off the bridge at 500 ft. While a crane was put into service to rescue the dangling lorry, it was noted that the lorry suffered some serious damage as did its cargo of 23 cars and SUVs.

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