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India Yamaha Motors female riding training program (YFRT)


India Yamaha Motors female riding training program (YFRT) was started this week, and have also added a new color-white RAY scooter for the India range.

India Yamaha Motors has launched India’s first ever Female riding training program aimed at imparting riding skills to women who are not comfortable while riding a scooter or who are looking to get their riding license. Incidentally this year, Yamaha also launched its first scooter Ray which was designed to target female customers. However, though there were many takers for this bike, most women did not opt for it due to riding fears and other such attributes.

To ensure that women are comfortable riding bikes and scooters, India Yamaha motors through this program will be imparting knowledge which will enable women enjoy instances of riding these vehicles. Ms. Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador for this product and due to her presence; many avenues have been opened up for women to showcase their skills.

Yamaha is the sponsor for the 50th Ponds Femina Miss India pageant event and had also held a Miss Ray contest in Hyderabad to choose a local brand ambassador for the product. Its other marketing strategy the Ray Cavalcade was an eye catcher as many young women took to the roads on their Ray scooters showcasing emotions of excitement, enjoyment and freedom.


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