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New car owners complain decline in quality of materials


A recent study conducted by JD Power Asia Pacific states that there are fewer complaints with regard to excessive fuel consumption in the case of new vehicles in India. The past five years has seen a steady decline in the number of complaints where fuel consumption related problems are concerned even as new vehicle owners have recurring complaints with regard to quality, which was higher in 2012 as compared to 2011.

J D Power Asia Pacific is well versed with the study of problems related to new vehicles in the first 6 months of ownership and has based their study on over 200 problem symptoms covering all aspects of the vehicle right from exterior design and interior makeup to engine, transmission, driving experience and infotainment and safety features.

Complaints with regard to fuel consumption reduced by 23% during the past five years which indicates that Indian auto companies are steering ahead in their endeavor to bring out highly fuel efficient vehicles with advanced engine technology. However, greater advancement is still necessary to bring about greater level of fuel efficiency in keeping with customer’s demands. But in order to keep the overall cost minimum, there is a decline in quality of materials used in new cars.


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Sagar Patel

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