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NOVITEC tunes Alfa Romeo Giulietta

NOVITEC has now tuned an Alfa Romeo Giulietta with a superior power package as also body kit. Sporty design, engine power up and immaculate body design are main features of this program.  In accordance with this tune up, there is an addition of a sport muffler, tail pipe variants, 20 inches wheels with appropriate suspension technology as also tuning for diesel and gasoline engine with 261 hp of power.

For gasoline models of the Giulietta, NOVITEC offers solutions which boost power from 120 hp to 141 hp in standard 1.4 TB 16V models. Multi air engine model with similar displacement characteristics has been tuned to produce 195 hp of power from the current 170 hp rating.

Engine tuning for another gasoline model of this range viz, 1.8 liter turbocharged engine is also available. Tuning solutions raise power produced by this engine model considerably by about 26 hp. POWERJET MODULE 2 used for this engine tuning increases peak torque to 386 Nm. These engine solutions have enabled this Italian model to power up to 100 kmph within a short span of 6.5 seconds. Top speed reached in this vehicle is 251 kmph. Diesel engines of the Giulietta have also been revamped to produce 195 hp of power and peak torque of 400 Nm.

An aerodynamic body kit, wheels ranging from 18 to 20 inches as also spoiler corners attached to the frontal fascia provide a sleeker look to this vehicle. NOVITEC components used for such modifications are certified which allow customers to drive their tuned vehicles without hassles rising due to general inspections.


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