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Review: Motomax vehicle care range of products by Pidilite Industries

The Motomax foam-based dashboard polish comes with an applicator. Keeping your car interiors clean is easy with the polish as it woks perfectly on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces ensuring that your car’s interior doesn’t lose its shine. The protective dashboard polish works against UV rays. Usage is easy with one just having to rub the applicator over the area intended to be cleaned. There’s no need for additional sponges and water bowls, and the dashboard polish does not leave behind a strong odour after use. The dashboard cleaner is effective when it comes to removing oil, grease, or dirt that settles on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces in your car. You can even clean your bumpers. A word of caution though. Do not use the dashboard polish to shine up your steering wheel, pedals, gear, etc. This is of utmost important because once applied, the surface area proves to be slippery for a while.

Motomax Cream Polish lends that extra shine on your vehicle once it’s cleaned thoroughly. It’s effective Carnauba wax base and monopolizing agents adds to the gloss affect, apart from ensuring an unmatched smoothness. The cream polish is ideal for metallic paint finish on regular as well as premium cars.  Use a little bit of polish a time, and move your applicator in a circular motion moving from one segment of the car to the other. Once the surface begins to dry and looks like a fuzzy white film, it should be cleaned with a soft clean cloth. This is imperative or you would end up with a dust coating, and at times minute scratches. While cleaning up, you can follow a buffing action to attain optimum shine. When cleaning the car, ensure that the vehicle isn’t kept under direct sunlight.

Motomax Car Shampoo is a concentrated wash solution. It’s ideal for automobiles as it’s designed to get rid of dirt while at the same time protecting car paintwork. When cleaning your car exterior, ensure that the windows are closed. To get that perfect shine, dilute about 10 ml of Motomax car shampoo concentrate in about 2-3 litres of water. Take a sponge or cleaning cloth and rinse in the bucket so that it starts lathering. Once the car has been washed, wash a second time with water. Use a dry cloth to wipe your car so water stains are prevented.

Motomax One Step Rubbing and Polishing Compound is well suited for automobile finishes. The unique product is ideal to remove stains, marks, and minor scratches. It helps gloss up the affected area while protecting your automobile finish. Apply on the affected area, with a damp cloth, and apply in a circular motion. Use a clean soft cloth to buff the area by hand. If you’re using a machine, turn to a buffing pad.

Motomax’s range of products includes 2K Rubbing Compound, One-Step Compound, Car Shampoo, Premium Liquid Polish, Dashboard Polish, Cream Polish, Silicone Liquid Polish, Protectant Spray, Bumper Black, Paint Sealant, Upholstery Cleaner, Glass Clean, Max Clean and Tyre Foam. We opted for 100 ml packs of Motomax One Step Rubbing and Polishing Compound, Moto Max foam-based dashboard polish, Motomax Car Shampoo, and a 50 ml pack of the Motomax Cream Polish to get the job done. For Rs 335, the job is well done with plenty left in the kit for future car washes that are clean, and look thorough even when done at home. If you use the services of a dedicated car wash, you can request them to use your range of Motomax products but may need to carry out the cream polishing at the end by yourself as most services are often basic in nature and work within time constraints.


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