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Volkswagen and General Motors vie for top sales title in China in 2013

General Motors and Volkswagen are close contenders in the race to be China’s most successful auto makers for 2013. Volkswagen’s Audi sedans have found favor with Chinese bureaucrats while General Motors plan on moving some 2.7 million units to China in the current year. Besides this the auto maker also has plans to roll out new Opel models and as such China may see passenger vehicle sales jump by as much as 10% in 2013 instigated by a renewed economy and better consumer confidences.

It was even before anti Japanese protests spread across China in September 2012 that VW lured Chinese buyers away from Toyota, Honda and Nissan specially in midsized car segments. VW offered most advanced powertrain technology like turbocharged direct injection engines and dual clutch gearboxes to entice customers which caused sales of Toyota, Nissan and Honda to slump by 30 percent in November. Volkswagen brand sales in China jumped 31 percent during the same period with the company concentrating on new models, new assembly lines and opening of new dealerships in the country.

In November 2012, VW Group retailed 270,000 units in China just ahead of General Motors who sold 260,000 units in the same month. Taking the period January to November 2012, General Motors sold 2.59 million units in China as against VW Group which sold 2.53 million units. General Motors is now geared to bring in their new Cadillac XTS and three new Opel models into China.


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