Clearette announces United Parcel Service (UPS) deal

Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company announced their deal with UPS (United Parcel Service) for volume pricing on shipments in Us and overseas. Through Air Delivery & Freight Services industry, UPS is able to reach all of United States and abroad, and operates in 220 countries and territories using 101,000 package cars, vans, tractors, and motorcycles.

Senior Vice President Daniel Gambino said, “For a company that is growing as fast as we are in the electronic cigarette market, it is essential to have the right logistics partner. Personalized volume pricing will lower our costs and allow us to compete on a global level. We are passing these cost reductions to our independent distributors throughout the United States and overseas, further increasing their profit margins as well. We are in the process of upgrading all of our warehouse facilities which is necessary to handle the outbound capacity and increased product lines we are expecting over the next few years.” With UPS as a leader in their field, Clearette looks forward to retaining them as their logistics partner and has great expectations for the future.

Clearette UPS

Mr. Gambino added, “We will continue to pursue opportunities to lower costs and drive our independent distributor base to be as successful as possible, with Clearette standing behind them every step of the way.”