Audi working on seven new technoloies: To be installed in their cars within 2-3 years

Audi revealed that they are working on seven future technologies which will be installed in their cars within 2 – 3 years time. These seven technologies include; Audi Wireless Charging, Audi Garage Parking Pilot, Audi OLED Technology, Audi Hybrid Body Materials, Audi FRP Coil Springs, Audi Multitouch Controls, and Audi Predictive Suspension.

Audi Wireless Charging
The future belongs to EV, and Audi knows it all too well. Audi Wireless Charging is going to be a major component in Audi’s line of EVs. The technology consists of coil based system inductive charging. According to Audi this component can be mounted anywhere and is weather proof. Come rain, snow, sun, this wireless charging system will withstand all. Voltage is sent to car mounted coils by alternating current in embedded coils that create magnetic fields and pass air through. We are a year away from this technology being implemented in Audi’s EVs.

Audi Garage Parking Pilot
Audi has raised the bar with its Park Assist technology in the A6 and A4. Now Audi is making parking easier for individuals with the unique addition of a park space finder. Spotting nearby garages and lots will be made easier with this function. And that’s not all. As the vehicle reaches a garage entrance, it’s local wireless network that detects arrival specifications with the digital application on the vehicle. All the driver has to do is watch the car being auto piloted into the available space. Driver will no longer have to worry about space constraints in parking lots and garages anymore. If you’ve not perfected your parking skills don’t worry, the Garage Parking Pilot will come to your rescue. Don’t’ go throwing a party, this technology is 10 years away.

Audi OLED Technology
Audi plans to bring in OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology into vehicles. OLED technology is being used in several devices and gadgets, the most popular being TVs and smartphones and tablets. Being incredibly flexible and light their stacking produces varied proportions of color intensity. Audi wants to implement OLED technology in its line of vehicles with a bang. Expect future Audi vehicles to have OLED technologies. You will witness a stunning difference in interior lighting and side markers. This technology is two years away.

Audi Hybrid Body Materials
Most car manufacturers are using aluminum to shed vehicle weight. Audi is already taking ‘ultra light’ to the next level to ensure their future vehicles get lighter. The auto maker is going to use a mixture of aluminum, steel and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) in fabrication and body part development to ensure strength is increased without adding on weight. Although testing and experimentation is going on with this technology, this technology will be the future. A mixture of components in suspensions will definitely add zing to vehicles and also ensure curb weight is reduced. This technology is 2 years away.

Audi FRP Coil Springs
Driving comfort and handling will be taken to another level with FRP Coil spring technology. Audi is developing a technique that involves creating FRP springs with fiberglass helix and epoxy resin baked at a high temperature. In the spring will be a metal woven alloy wire that will be secured firmly. This development will ensure that coil springs are lighter and stronger and also ensure weight of vehicles is reduced. Tests with FRP Coil Spring technology in Audi cars has already begun. This technology is first expected to be on the 2012 Audi R8 E-Tron after which mass production is expected.

Audi Multitouch Controls
Multitouch systems in cars are going to be a norm in future vehicles. To ensure they remain a step above the competition, team Audi is working on a multitouch system that reduces driver distraction and increases task performance. There’s going to be all- new display heads, controls, gesture recognition technology, and voice recognition similar to technologies used in smartphones and tablets .Expect the unexpected in the future. This technology is 3 years away and will be first used on the A8.

Audi Predictive Suspension
Although Mercedes Benz has raised the bar with utilization of lasers and cameras to detect and warn drivers of road surfaces, Audi is coming up with a similar technology that will allow radius scan of 20 meters. Rearview mirrors will have stereo cameras mounted. Wait! There’s more! Audi also plans to integrate PMD (Photo-Mixed Detectors) with laser and radar applications. With this technology, avoiding bumps and rough patches on the road will be made easy. This Predictive suspension technology is expected to arrive in 3 years.