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Bajaj Pulsar, single ladder, and an Indian helper’s head

Balance Bajaj Pulsar on head

Strength, balance and precision are sought for qualities when it comes to excellence, and sometimes you find it in the most unlikely of situations. So, yes while the modern world relies on automated arms for hard labour, in India many a times labourers bear a burden unimaginable.

The inimitable feat was captured on video on one of Madhya Pradesh Roadways Transport Corporation (MPRTC) routes. The very hardy helper uses a rolled up cloth as a balancing base to mount the bike on, in this case a Bajaj Pulsar. In a very matter of fact manner 4 others help lift the bike to place on the helpers head.

One of them quickly scales the single ladder and then the hardy helper steadily climbs the ladder. All this while the Bajaj Pulsar is precariously perched on his head. For those involved in ensuring that baggage is safely kept on the bus roof, this seems a daily affair as there’s no hullabaloo wheel he’s climbing up with his 150 kg load.

Balance Bajaj Pulsar on headOnce he reaches the top half of the ladder, 2 more helpers on the bustop help take his load of his head, at which point eh swiftly climbs on top, now decidedly involved in placed the two-wheeler correctly on top of the bus. Not that this is any easier, and involves an ingenious pattern of knots to secure a bike. It works too, as thus far, no bikes have crashed from a bustop.


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  • Ajoy Mukherjee

    This guy deserves recognition, Does he even know that he is probably the only person in the world to be able to do this?