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BMW Guggenheim Lab Mumbai Kala Nagar traffic junction redesign


Traffic in India is very chaotic and there is urgent need for the government to redesign and improve transportation infrastructure throughout the country. Mumbai is a metropolitan city which bustles with life throughout the day and night. During the chaos of everyday traffic scenarios there are a number of vehicles and public transport routes which are used by individuals.

These road systems though they serve the purpose of providing a transport route to individuals aren’t capable of handling high volumes of traffic during peak hours. This is mainly due to the fact that junctions are crowded due to inefficient traffic management. Kala Nagar is one of the busiest junctions in Mumbai which sees and upward of 60,000 vehicles each day travelling on and below the flyover during peak hours.

In order to help redesign and rethink traffic management in Mumbai, BMW’s Guggenheim Lab in Mumbai has organized a competition for one and all, theme of which is to redesign the Kala Nagar junction so as to make it efficient and chaos free. Contestants can implement innovative technologies and solutions which when used will help to minimize traffic snarls which take place at this junction which connects the island city to Mumbai through five major routes. The last date for registration is 11th of December 2012.


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