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CNG vehicles to reduce pollution and increase safety in Delhi: Tata Magic Iris CNG


The Delhi Government is set to introduce new CNG run four wheeler vehicles in the Capital. These compact vehicles will have seating capacity for three adult passengers and will be a new form of public transport which will give auto rickshaws plying on Delhi roads at present a run for their money.

Tata CNG Magic IrisBesides being a safer and more convenient mode of public transport, these four wheeler vehicles will also be eco friendly and likely to be introduced in the coming months in a phased manner. Initially a predetermined number of new CNG engine four wheelers will be introduced and will be given only to those permits that have been reserved for autos.

It is also hoped that these four wheelers will eventually take the place of emission spewing auto rickshaws. The vehicles come as a blessing to those commuters who have to deal with the brash and rash auto rickshaw drivers, while they are also said to be eco friendly as they are Euro IV compliant.

The four wheelers are also safer and while initial costs will be more than that of a three wheeler auto, the vehicles are stated to be more fuel efficient in the long run. Passengers will have to pay the same rates currently applicable where auto rickshaws are concerned. The four wheeler CNG vehicles will measure 2,960mm in length, 1,512mm in width and will stand 1,800mm tall.

They will be covered on all sides and will also be able to accommodate more luggage as compared to auto rickshaws. Pollution and noise levels in DElhi have been alarming, and with no reversal in the dangerous levels of pollutants the city is dealing with, CNG could well offer increased relief. Apart from Bajaj, Tata Magic Iris CNG variants look good for the job.


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