Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso finally breaks his silence

At an event organized just before the start of the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix, two time Formula 1 champion, Fernando Alonso has finally broken his silence and stated that his team needs to develop a car that is at the least competitive at the top most level.

Unhappy with his car this season, Fernando Alonso wants Ferrari engineers to design a car that will be able to win races next season. The 2011 Formula 1 Championship has been a one man show, where Red Bull Racing Team’s German ace driver Sebastian Vettel has managed to win most of the races.

Alonso stated, “Unfortunately this year is nearly gone, the championship will be in Red Bull hands. We need to focus on next year, we need to be competitive from the first race of 2012. We are confident, we are Ferrari so we need to be competitive. We have the people, talented people, good designers, good engineers.”

“This year has been too easy for him (Vettel) probably, because now six races before the end of the season he has the chance to win mathematically the championship, so I expect next year much more competition,” Alonso added.

Currently, in the Formula One Driver’s Championship standings, Vettel leads with 284 points while Alonso trails second with 172 points. On the margin of difference Alonso said, “I think everybody wants to see the championship finish in the last race, which was the case in the last (few) years. But they have a very good car and Seb (Vettel) did a very good job. Sure it’s not nice for us or the spectators to see that, but he did a good job as well. I hope we have a good car next year so we can fight with them, fight for the championship and win it.”