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Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Windscreen and Self Learning Car Concepts (Videos)

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

What do you want to see in a future car? Well, JLR seems to have a few answers. Jaguar Land Rover have revealed videos of their two new future concepts. These are Virtual Windscreen and Self Learning Car. The idea behind these two new concepts is to enhance driving performance and reduce distractions.

Jaguar Virtual WindscreenSpeaking about Virtual Windscreen, this is designed for both road and track driving cars. Jaguar Virtual Windscreen shows speed, navigation data, dangers ahead, and for enthusiasts, a racing line in real time. Apart from this, it also helps to improve your race track time, thanks to the ghost car impression of a competitor, just like in racing games today.

Set to considerably reduce driver distractions virtual race lines onto the windscreen are marked onto track while also changing colours so as to inform drivers of braking needs. Lap time is considerably reduced due to this concept as Ghost Car Racing indicates details of previous lap while competition can be enhanced by uploading lap time of another driver. The system also involves virtual cones which are laid out on the track during driver training which can be moved as driving prowess is enhanced.

All this information is projected onto the windscreen offering drivers a spectacle free 3D image instrument cluster and making rear view mirrors redundant. Jaguar Virtual Windscreen works as well for on road drivers as it does for track racers, as virtual images allow the driver to judge speed and distance only by looking at the screen display.

Speaking about the other concept, Self Learning Car Concept, this is a system which learns driver’s habits. His seating position, driving speed, navigation, music preference, etc. JLR is also testing gesture control to be added in their cars for features such as sun screens, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps which once proved successful could come into use within the next few years.


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