Lamborghini sportscar highspeed crash in Delhi kills 28 year old driver and injures cyclist

A real estate tycoon’s 28 year old son died in the wee hours of Sunday when the speeding Lamborghini, he was driving crashed into railings near a bus stand in South Delhi’s BRT corridor. A cyclist injured in the accident was said to be in critical condition, but is out of danger now.The Rs 2.25 crore worth Lambo Gallardo LP550-2, was manufactured in July 2009 and was a 250 unit limited edition piece, one its kind in the entire country.

The driver of the supercar, Anukool Rishi was thrown out of the car because of the impact and reportedly, he was not wearing a seatbelt. The entire right side of the Lamborghini Gallardo sportscar was ripped apart due to the high speed crash. According to Police, Anukool who was driving at high speed, lost control of the Lamborghini and crashed.

The supercar jumped a lane separator before ramming side on into railings near Panchsheel at Krishi Vihar Bus stand. Severity of damage to the supercar and the railings suggests Anukool was driving at over 140 kmph. 20 spokes of the railing were broken as the Lamborghini kept moving forward after impact for about 150 meters.

Kishan, a cyclist was hit by the Lamborghini before it came to a stop crashing into a pole. Anukool Rishi, Director of Business Development, MVL Limited, a Rs 1,600 crores ($330 million) company which is listed on the National and Bombay Stock Exchange. MVL is owned by Anukool’s 58 year old father, Prem Adip Rishi who is also the active Chairman of MVL. Anukool was declared dead on being brought to the hospital and his body has been delivered to his family. Anukool got married in Goa last November.

According to Badri Nath Dubey, the first one to arrive at the scene of the accident, said: “When I came out of the bungalow on hearing the crash, I saw broken railings on the right side of the road. The orange car was wrecked and a cycle was lying nearby. Two injured people were lying by the roadside. The cyclist was alive and shouting for help. But the driver of the car was badly injured and his stomach bore the brunt of the injury. I immediately made a PCR call.”

Senior Police official, investigating the case, said: “We received a call around 5.15am. We rushed the victims to the AIIMS Trauma Centre where the driver of the Lamborghini was found dead while the other person was admitted for treatment. We have registered a case under appropriate sections of IPC and now the accident cell will further investigate the matter.” Police have added that the crashed Lamborghini was registered in the name of one of the PC Jewelers, Delhi. Anukool had bought the Lamborghini sportscar a month ago, without telling his family.

Dakshin Puri, the injured cyclist in this incident, is now out of danger. Speaking about the injured cyclist, the official said, “He was immediately rushed to the AIIMS trauma centre where he is recuperating. He was badly injured but is now out of danger.” Dakshin works as a security guard in a school and was on his way to the same school.

According to Hem Raj, Dakshin’s brother, “It was in the afternoon that we came to know that he had met with an accident. He has been commuting on the same route for the past 20 years. There is a separate lane for cyclists on the BRT corridor. The accident could not have happened due to his fault.”

UPDATE: The injured cyclist has been partially paralyzed and may not be able to walk again. Click here, to read doctor’s report.