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Maruti Suzuki’s new ad ‘Hum Rishto Mein Jeetey Hain’ titled Festivals celebrates Life

India’s largest car maker, has a new anthem. After running their previous ad campaign, ‘Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan’ for over 4 years, the new Maruti Suzuki corporate ad went live earlier this week on television channels. The new Maruti Suzuki television ad is titled Festivals which shows the importance of relations in our life. Scroll down to watch the new Maruti ad.

Maruti Suzuki India has been a major driving force in the Indian auto industry. Every second car sold in the country is a Maruti car. They have managed to strike a chord with car buyers in India, in a way which their competitors can only admire. Their car sales for the month of October 2012 stand at a staggering 103,108 units, including exports.

This year, Maruti Suzuki India launched two new cars, Ertiga MUV and the Alto 800 small car. Both these cars have been a hit among car buyers in the country. Ertiga was launched in April this year while Alto 800 arrived by October 2012. Currently, Ertiga sales has allowed Maruti Suzuki to overtake Toyota, as far as MUV sales are concerned while the new Alto 800 has received over 44,000 bookings in just one month of its launch.

Maruti Suzuki’s old ad,¬†Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan’, was liked by everyone. It carried a tagline of, ‘India comes home in a Maruti Suzuki’. Their new ad, ‘Festivals’, carries a tagline, ‘For a festival called life’. Maruti Suzuki ads connect instantly with car buyers in India. Their ad campaign of ‘kitna deti hain’. highlighted that Indian car buyers are obsessed with mileage. Before asking price of a car, they would want to know the mileage.

Maruti Suzuki New ad – Festivals

Maruti Suzuki Old ad – Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan

Maruti Suzuki – Kitna Deti Hain – The Boy and the Witch

Maruti Suzuki – Kitna Deti Hain – Amelia

Maruti Suzuki – Kitna Deti Hain – Yacht

Maruti Suzuki – Kitna Deti Hain – Juno

Maruti Suzuki – Kitna Deti Hain – Tank

Maruti Suzuki – Joy of Life

Maruti Suzuki – Omni


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