Mercedes Benz SLS AMG sportscar tuned to generate 623 bhp by Inden Design (Photos)

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG sporstcar was first unveiled back in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The luxurious sportscar which is also considered as a successor to the legendary 300SL Gullwing, went on sale in mid 2010. Powered by a 6.3L V8 heart, SLS AMG generates 563 bhp power @ 6,300 rpm and peak torque of 650 Nm @ 4,750 rpm. Available in 2 door coupe and roadster variants, prices start from $200,000.

Earlier this month, Mercedes Benz revealed the SLS AMG successor, SLS AMG GT which will go on sale by October this year. Apart from installing new features, SLS AMG GT also features an even powerful engine that generates 583 bhp. Mercedes Benz also announced that they will discontinue the good old SLS AMG once the GT is launched.

But before the SLS AMG is done and dusted, German car tuner, Inden Design has taken the SLS AMG and tuned it to perfection. Read the press release below for detailed information.

Auto News Release

Inden Design – Haute couture meets Tuning

Of style, a sense of proportion and passion on his own work: should have three properties on both the automotive tuner as well as fashion designers and photographers. If three masters of their craft come together, then can end up with only genuine works of art – just like the photographs shown here.

The stars of the pictures but hot Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and Katja Runiello. Actually, we both must introduce unspecified: The beautiful Katja Runiello, a model, dancer and actress, since her appearance in the RTL TV show “The Bachelor” well known and the SLS AMG may roughly two years after its premiere already a living legend be described. Perfectly staged, the elegant, erotic duet between photographer Olaf from Pitzer Nauroth. Katja’s feminine dress was designed by haute couture designer and Elvira Cherry for her consummate stylist, make-up features Catherine in charge Friday.

But now the car: In the curved wings of high-performance sports car implanted indene Design21-inch alloy wheels with high-sheen wheels in glossy black painted stars and beds. Combining the 10.5 and 11.5 inches wide, one-piece with Continental Sport Contact tires of high-performance 265/30R21 front and 295/25R21 dimensions were behind. Inden Design also began tuning and adjustment before the mass-tight threaded chassis of the SLS AMG, so that this now crouches still flat on the asphalt road and even around curves of all greedy sharpening radius.

Thanks to the series held in a discreet look of stainless steel exhaust system with electronically controlled flap control of the 6.2-liter V8 engine is an impressive dynamic portfolio of gentle rumble in piano to fortissimo-curdling roar. The maximum power of the high-revving eight-Enders increased Inden Design using an optimization of the software engine from standard 571 to 623 hp now.