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Range Rover leaves motorcyclist paralyzed in NYC: Driver not charged

The 6 minute video showing Alexian Lien escaping through a crowd of motorcyclists in his SUV in a bid to save himself and his wife and baby son from an angry mob has made headlines. When the bikers finally caught up with Alexian, they were furious, as in his fear, he had harmed many. Some of the bikers got violent and broke the glass of his SUV, took him out of the car and started punching and hitting Alexian. He was later rescued and taken to a hospital.

An unfortunate outcome of this skirmish resulted in motorcyclist Jay Mieses who was run over by Range Rover, being totally paralyzed. Mieses, an aspiring rapper from the outskirts of Boston was run over by Lien which resulted in both legs being crushed while he also suffered serious internal injuries. His spine was crushed to such an extent that he is forever paralyzed and is currently in a medically induced coma.

Jay’s wife, Dayana Mejia-Meises, told WBZ-TV that her husband got off his bike and walked over to help his friend, who was the first one to be nudged by the SUV. As he walked towards his friend, the Range Rover appeared and ran over him. While Lien is himself in hospital, no charges have been levied on him by the police, yet. On the other hand, CarScoops reports, “two suspects in the beating of Lien are in custody, including motorcyclist Christopher Cruz, 28, who was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and endangering the welfare of a child, and a second, unnamed man, who turned himself in, but who has not yet been charged.”

A special FaceBook page titled Justice for Jay Meezee has been opened while an account calling for donations has also been created called ‘gofundme’ calling for donations for the victim and his family. The page has already collected $1,265, and their aim is to collect $2,000. (Update: The amount is now at 1,940 and the goal is increased to $5,000). Suppoters of Alexian too have opened a Facebook page, Justice For Alexian Lien.

One of the many who donated, Dan Leifson, says, “I hope this gets sorted out. This is a very unfortunate event. Regardless of what initiated this chain of events, what has happened to this rider is terrible and tragic. I am also appalled at the way the media has portrayed the actions of the other riders. Any rider I know would do the same if someone hit their friend.”

Another donor adds, “I am sorry for what happened to you for your family’s sake. After checking out your YouTube videos you appear to be quite a street hooligan and thug; you even have one video of you blowing through multiple red lights and nearly causing an accident. The fact is that you were driving without a licence, and that your driving privileges were revoked until 2017 for habitual driving offences. I hope you pull through and this serves as a wake up call to stop riding like a thug and giving all of us riders and stunters a bad name.”

On the other hand, new videos have also been revealed which shows what the bikers were upto before the Range Rover encounter. Some of the videos show that some riders were pretty reckless as they had no regard for traffic rules or safety. You can watch them below. But, is this enough to give Alexian the permission to run over motorcyclists?

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